Echo Pharmaceuticals is an established supplier of a wide range of high quality cannabinoid standards for research and development purposes all around the globe. We extract and purify the cannabinoids from Cannabis sativa L. via proprietary knowledge under controlled laboratory conditions, assuring the quality of the purified cannabinoids. Additionally, we can supply Δ9-THC as well as other cannabinoids as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) for clinical trials, produced under cGMP guidelines.

Our cannabinoid standards are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis that guarantees the high quality of the products. The Cannabis sativa L. is supplied by BMC , the Dutch government office for medicinal cannabis. The medicinal cannabis used is cultivated in a strictly controlled environment by Bedrocan, the only Dutch company officially contracted by the Ministry of Health for the growing and production of medicinal cannabis under Good Agricultural Practices. 

Analytical Cannabinoid standards (1mg/ml in ethanol solution) Purity
∆9-THC delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol >99%
∆8-THC delta8-tetrahydrocannabinol >99%
THCV/THC-C3 tetrahydrocannabivarin >98%
CBD cannabidiol >99%
CBG cannabigerol >99%
CBN cannabinol >99%
CBC cannabichromene >98%
THCA tetrahydrocannabinolic acid >96%
CBDA cannabidiolic acid >99%
CBGA cannabigerolic acid >94%
Solid forms (on request)
∆9-THC as cannabinoid standard  
∆9-THC as API for clinical use  
CBD as cannabinoid standard
CBD as API for clinical use  

Diluted forms
All cannabinoid standards as mentioned above can be supplied in diluted forms on request.

Special requests
Special requests or customized cannabinoids can be produced from milligram (mg) to gram (g) quantities at the required degree of purity and solution.

Direct Delivery
Echo Pharmaceuticals has cannabinoid standards in stock. Echo supplies cannabinoid standards solely to third parties that have the required licenses to purchase controlled substances. Echo requires original copies of the import license from customers from outside The Netherlands before shipment.
For more information or to request our full terms and conditions for the sale of cannabinoid standards, please contact us at