For years, the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids for a variety of indications have been studied all over the world. Key drawbacks inhibiting wide clinical use of the active ingredients used to be smoking as the primary form of application, dosage issues (leading to side effects), low bioavailability, variations in quality due to unknown origin of the plants, purity of extracts (plant extracts can hold numerous other compounds other than the active ingredient itself) and limited shelf life of extracts at room temperatures. Namisol® is the world’s first oral tablet that contains pure, natural Δ9-THC (dronabinol) in fixed dosages with high, predictable bioavailability and a long, stable shelf life at room temperature.

Namisol® is also the first major implementation of our innovative lipophilic compound Drug Delivery Technology Alitra™, and our main focus in the pharmaceutical development program. Namisol® is set to be registered for a number of indications, including Multiple Sclerosis (MS), behavioral disturbances in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, and Chronic Pain.

The efficacy of Namisol® in patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Chronic Pain is being researched. Additional indications are being examined. After successful completion of pre-clinical and clinical Phase I studies, Namisol® is now in Phase II of clinical development.

Namisol® at a glance

  • is applied in the form of an oral tablet
  • containing pure (≥98,0%), natural ∆9-THC
  • with optimized dosage control
  • and enhanced uptake in the blood (due to Alitra™)
  • leading to high, predictable bioavailability
  • and a stable product with long shelf life at room temperature.

Recognition for the Namisol® development program
Echo Pharmaceuticals has been recognized by the Dutch government for the potential patient benefits of its Namisol® development program. Echo was granted an innovation credit from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, which promotes sustainable development and innovation within The Netherlands and abroad.

In addition Echo participates in a consortium with The University Medical Center (UMC) St. Radboud in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. This consortium recently received ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) funding to expand and pursue further development of Namisol®. The grant has been awarded for the second phase clinical study programs with patients suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and Chronic Pain.

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