Improving quality of life of patients by developing novel medicines, with a special focus on cannabinoids as active ingredient.


Our mission is to develop effective medicines, with a focus on cannabinoid-based compounds, and drug delivery technologies that contribute to improve the quality of life for a wide range of patients.

Our products are consistently produced and controlled according to high quality standards and cGMP guidelines.

Who we are

Echo Pharmaceuticals is a Dutch innovative technology based pharmaceutical company founded in 2006. We are known for our first class experience in extraction, purification and formulation of lipophilic active compounds, particularly cannabinoids. Using our patented knowledge on Drug Formulation, Alitra®, we formulate actives into the optimal pharmaceutical form for clinical investigations.

Echo Pharmaceuticals’ proprietary knowledge and competence is in extracting and purifying arbitrary API’s from plant materials. Isolation takes place under controlled laboratory conditions, assuring the quality of the purified API. As a result, we produce a wide range of cannabinoid standards for analytical purposes and two cannabinoid API’s, all produced under cGMP guidelines. We supply to R&D organizations around the globe.

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